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Hi! My name is Neela Gerayli; I'm an Iranian-American filmmaker, actress, singer and model. I am currently enrolled at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, studying Film & TV Production with an emphasis in directing, with hopes of becoming a natural storyteller and bringing more diversity to the screen. 

I have created a variety of independent films as a writer, director, and producer. I have held roles such as "Maryam" in "Mo'allem" which is a finalist at the Austin Film Festival and scored an 8/10 on The Black List. I starred in AwesomnessTV's "Date Drop" where I was the winner. I have a passion for singing where I perform at various fundraisers including CHILD International and Youth Ambassadors of Hope where we have raised upwards of 100,000 dollars in donations. In modeling, I have worked with companies such as the Libre diabetes sensor and Summerfield Collection Jewelry, where I was featured on and their website. 

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